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The ancient Dadagamuwa Sri Sundararamaya is situated in Dadagamuwa village of the Gampaha district. The temple can be reached by travelling along Colombo - Kandy road up to Kalagedihena junction, turn off to Veyangoda road and travel 1 mile to reach Dadagamuwa Junction from which turn left and travel another ½ mile to reach the temple.

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Out of the monuments situated at the temple premises the main monument is the ancient architectural "Watadageya". The walls of inner hall of this structure are decorated with two rows of beautiful paintings. The paintings of upper row are based on Sambula Jathakaya and Themiya Jathakaya,while the lower row is based on Dhamsoda Jathakaya. In addition to that there are two paintings in the back wall which are incomplete. The paintings are not the originals. These paintings had been restored during the latter part of 19th and beginning of 20thcentaury. The pealed off sections of the existing paintings revealed that the original paintings belong to Kandy era. The roof of Watadagaya consist of two tiers sloping in four directions The top of the roof is crowned with a pinnacle. The remnants of some parts ancient architectural structures such as Nidngala, ancient stone pillars and Padalasa Gala available in the temple premises depicts the archeological importance of this temple. The Dagaba within the Vatadage takes the shape of a water bulb”Diya bubula”. The enclosure of the Dagaba has an inner hall with the painting of Jathaka stories, and outside corridor with circular stone pillars nine meters .the spire consists of ten spiral ring with the crystal pinnacle. The other monuments in the place such as stone pillars ”Nidana gala” and “Padalassa gala” give evidence to its far history. The Bo Tree which stands magically in the vihara maluwa is considered to be a sapling from Sri Maha Bodi Anuradhapura. The serene beauty of the Maha Vihara site is beyond description.

Damma school

The Buddhist institution called Sri DharmapalaJayanthidahampasala known far and wide appreciated to historic ancient royal temple of Dadagamuwa,is situated at the far end of the called Dadagamuwa,variant gardens of coconuts and jackfruit in and decked with a lovely paddy fields and ever wafted by cool breeze.

Here there is an honorary staff who are commited to importing religious knowledge with a view to with the noble aim of to making the children not social servants but social workers through human qualities and conceptions which cannot be made available by daily schools.This service is undertaken by the guidance of our most reverent KaradetiyanaGunanandathero the chief incumbent.

For the teaching of approximately five hundred student from primary grade to dharmacharya grade the tutorial staff consists of 70 teachers.They comprise retired principals,retiredinstructors,graduates,dharmacharya and dahampasal final certificated teachers.In order to develop educational affairs and skills of children many programmes are implemented by this dharmayathana.These are put into generally in addition to year end examinations.our annual educational tour oaganized every year at the beginning of the year.Not only with the object of obtaining additional knowledge and enjoyment but also with the aim of seeing with our own eyes the ancient glory left to us by our great heroes,destroying the pride of the enemy;and also with the aim of instilling noble thoughts in our hearts. While the great Sil campaigns where all the students participate is fixed for the full moon poya day of Vesak every year,OsupanDansala organized by student prefects is fixed for the Poyaday.Giving pride of place to Sinhala Buddhist customs,Sinhala new year festival held during April.For this purpose generous assistance of the parents is received.The great annual procession that tour round the village including elephants and various local cultural dances sponsored by parents villagers and other philanthropists , is held in the month of June.

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